At the April 2015 meeting the AFA committee passed an on trial rule to add a definition to part 2.7 of rules which will change the application of rule 2.4 - The "90 Day" rule and how it may be applied.

We believe regional boundaries will have a detrimental impact on the sport Australia wide. Growth in the sport is almost at zero and has been for a few years. We feel that in order to reinvigorate growth in the sport we need to encourage and educate more clubs on spreading their wings and taking the sport into the larger regional areas around our cities. By leaving clubs open to accepting members from anywhere, they can offer an opportunity for them to play flyball while interest and membership grows in that region.

This page has been provided so that all AFA members have the benefit of making an informed decision on this and not have to solely rely on AFA Committee minutes and notifications.

Much of this information has already been submitted to the committee members.

We urge you to read through this so you may draw your own conclusions on this matter when it's time to vote. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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This website and will be updated as further information comes to hand.

We ask all Flyballers to read the documents thoroughly as to make an informed choice on the proposed rule change.

The committee has decided to see this rule change carried out via postal ballot rather then allow an open debate at the AGM where all sides can be heard.

If it was taken to an AGM the requirement would be 75% of members in attendance.

Please be aware that under a postal ballot the requirement for this rule to pass is by MAJORITY of postal ballets received only. We urge all members to vote on this matter.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this.

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